William Palmer
(My 3rd Great Grandfather)

Simon Palmer
[Name unknown]

BIRTH May 30, 1794 in Alma, Maine
RESIDENCES Alma, Maine, Bath, Steuben Co., N.Y., Princeton, Scott Co. Iowa
MARRIAGES First wife (Speculated): unknown, possible child William;
Second wife: Amanda Haynes, born in New York in 1798.
SIGNIFICANT EVENTS Migrated from New York to Iowa in a wagon train.

by First Wife
1. William H. Palmer William H. was born 18, February 1819 in Kennebec Co. Maine
(this has not been proven)
by Second Wife








2. Rufus R.Palmer Rufus R. b. 18, Nov. 1818 in New York d. 21 Aug 1843 i1 Iowa
3. Mariila Palmer Mariila b. 19, July 1821 in New York d. m. Enos French
4. William Palmer William b. 18, Jan. 1823 in New York d. 27, Feb. 1848 i n Iowa
5. Elizabeth Philena Palmer Elizabeth Philena b. 26, Oct. 1824 in New York d. m. Isaac Waterhouse
6. David Dudley Palmer David Dudley b. 10, April 1826 in New York d. 22, July 1864 in Tennessee serving in Civil War. m. 1st Clarissa Owens and 2nd Ann M. Gast
7. Thomas C. Palmer Thomas C. b. 26, Nov. 1827 d. m Dorcas Gobel
8. Lucy T. Palmer Lucy T. b. 17, Aug. 1830 in New York d. m. Jacob Gobei
9. Joel Kenyon Palmer Joel Kenyon b. 13, Feb. 1832 in New York d. 8,July 1908 in Colorado m. Matilda Jane Lewis in Iowa.
10. Adoniram Judson Palmer Adoniram Judson b. 2,July 1834 in New York d.13, Jan 1916 in Wyoming m. Lucy Anne Thompson in Kansas
11. Amanda M. Palmer Amanda M. b. 18, Sept 1837 in New York d. 6, Sept. 18, 1838 Possibly in Indiana on the trail to Iowa
12. Mary Lavinia Palmer Mary Lavinia b. 15 March, 1842 in Iowa d. 31 Dec. 1918 in Iowa m. Harrison Frazier in Iowa.

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